Eta Carina: Into Darkness

After what feels like a summer of cloudy nights, its nice to finish a new image! I set up this APM scope last year and have been using it on a few longer term projects that I will hopefully finish this year and decided it was time to do some fine-tuning of the setup. So Eta Carina was selected as the target, and it was a nice change to be able to actually see some nebulosity on single subs compared to what I have been imaging.

Eta Carina reminds me of the misaligned warp core seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and you can imagine the massive amount of energy being pumped out that has sculpted all of the dust and molecular clouds in the area. I tried a few different framing options and settled on a crop to 1.65 x 1.35 degrees of the main core. I also took some 5 second exposures of the homunculus to not blow this out completely.

Technical Details

Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
APM 123/738 refractor

Imaging Cameras
ASI6200mm Pro

10Micron GM1000HPS

Chroma LRGB 50mm · Chroma 8nm Ha SII OIII

Adobe Inc Photoshop CC · Voyager · PixInsight


7 hr 39 minutes


Dunedin, NZ

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